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674–679 V. Dubrovskis and I. Plume
Suitability of oat bran for methane production
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Suitability of oat bran for methane production

V. Dubrovskis* and I. Plume

Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Energetics, Cakstes blvd 5, LV 3001 Jelgava, Latvia
*Correspondence: vilisd@inbox.lv


There is need to investigate the suitability of various cheaper biomasses for energy production. It is necessary to explore ways to improve the anaerobic fermentation process with the help of various catalysts. Biocatalyst Metaferm produced in Latvia previous studies with other biomass gave an increase in production. The purpose of study is evaluation of suitability of granular and crushed oat bran waste biomass for the production of methane and influence of catalyst Metaferm on anaerobic digestion (AD) process. The biomass anaerobic digestion process was investigated in 0.75 L digesters, operated in batch mode at temperature 38 ± 1.0 °C. The average biogas yield per unit of dry organic matter added (DOM) from digestion of granular oat bran was 0.400 L g-1 DOM and methane yield was 0.193 L g-1 DOM. Average biogas yield from digestion of crushed oat bran was 0.439 L L g-1 DOM and specific methane yield was 0.193 L L g-1 DOM. Adding of 1 mL Metaferm in substrates with not crushed or crushed oat bran increases specific methane yield by 0.227 L g-1
DOM or 0.236 L g-1 DOM respectively. Investigated oat bran can be used for methane production, but methane production was less than from traditional biomass, e.g. maize silage.

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