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317-322 M-L. Kütt, H. Lõiveke, R.Tanner
Detection of alternariol in Estonian grain samples
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Detection of alternariol in Estonian grain samples

M-L. Kütt¹, H. Lõiveke¹, R.Tanner²

¹Department of Plant Sciences, Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture, Teaduse 4/6,EE75501 Saku, Estonia; e-mail: maryliis.kytt@eria.ee; heino.loiveke@eria.ee
²Department of Chemical Physics, National Institute of Chemical Physics andBiophysics,Akadeemiatee23,EE12618Tallinn,Estonia;e-mail:risto.tanner@kbfi.ee


Current testing for mycotoxins in cereals and feed in Estonia includes aflatoxin, ochratoxin, zearalenone and vomitoxin. Research at the Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) has shown that ~30% of analysed Estonian grain samples contain one or more of these mycotoxins.The Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture (ERIA) has mycological evidence thatgrain samples could contain other mycotoxins than the four mentioned above. Other mycotoxins have also been detected in nearby countries (Finland, Norway). We suggest that current analyses for mycotoxins in Estonian grain should be expanded.Alternaria was the main mould in grain samples on Saku experimental fields in 2008. Thismould causes several plant diseases and severe damage of cereals. The aim of the current work was to implement methods for detection of the Alternaria toxin alternariol (AOH). Our results show that 4 out of 10 grain samples contained alternariol.

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