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281-290 A. Pocius, P. Šniauka and A. Pushnov
Influence of dynamical factors on safe work with a fertilizer spreader
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Influence of dynamical factors on safe work with a fertilizer spreader

A. Pocius¹, P. Šniauka¹ and A. Pushnov²

¹Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Studentų 11, Akademija, LT―53361, Kaunas district,Lithuania; e-mail: antanas.pocius@lzuu.lt; povilas.sniauka@lzuu.lt
²Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Staraya Basmannaya 21/4,105066 Moscow, Russia; e-mail: pushnovas@gmail.com


The efficiency of mineral manure most often depends on the evenness of its distribution. The dynamics of the spread of the particles of the mineral manure in regard to the fixed and variable parameters of the imitative model of the spreader have been analyzed. The programmable location of a particle on soil depends on the movement trajectory of the particle on the disc and in the air, which eventually determine the final distribution of particles.The research considered the flow of the manure particles from the spread opening of themanure-box, the trajectory on the disc and in the air, the place of a particle on the surface of the ground as well as on how these trajectories depend on the characteristics of the spreader and particles. The trajectory of particle in the air is the function of its initial velocity and direction, by which the particle leaves the surface of the disc. It determines the final place of the particle on the surface of soil with respect to disc.One of the accidental factors influencing the trajectory of a particle is the impact of spreaderlean on hilly soil on the discharge angle of manure particles and the distance of particle fly in the distribution sector.The dependence of the spreading distance of the manure particles on the initial speed of theparticle and the trajectory angle of a disc has been obtained. It was established that when the aggregate moves, the trajectory angle changes due to the roughness of the ground from the one that was set constructively up to the largest value when a particle flies farthest.Under the influence of random factors, the angle between the spreader’s disc plane and aplane of soil surface can increase up to 8 degrees; therefore the distance of particle’s wafting increases.

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