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941–951 O.L. Akangbe and D. Herak
Mechanical behaviour of selected bulk oilseeds under compression loading
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Mechanical behaviour of selected bulk oilseeds under compression loading

O.L. Akangbe and D. Herak*

Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kamycka 129, Praha 6 – Suchdol, CZ16521 Prague, Czech Republic
*Correspondence: herak@tf.czu.cz


Cold pressing or compressive mechanical expression of oil from bulk oilseeds without thermal treatments or appreciable thermal effects facilitates the preservation of quality in expressed oils and enhances their stability in storage. Mechanical response of bulk oilseeds during cold expression which are vital to equipment design vary with crops and are not completely understood. Mechanical behaviours of bulk seeds of camelina, pumpkin and sesame relevant to cold pressing were investigated at moisture contents of 7.04, 8.60 and 6.06% (d.b.), 80 mm pressing depth and a compressive force of 100 kN, applied uniformly at 10 mm min-1. Deformation varied with incremental force and among crops at peak compression. Deformations in Camelina, Sesame and Pumpkin seeds were 40.2, 41.6 and 50.9 mm at peak compression. Oil point pressures of Sesame, Camelina and Pumpkin seeds were 3.83, 7.49 and 8.83 MPa, respectively. Oil recovery at the applied load was similar in Camelina and Sesame but significantly lower in pumpkin seeds. Volume energy requirement for the expression of oil from camelina, pumpkin and sesame seeds were 2.56, 1.72 and 1.46 MJ m-3, respectively. An assessment of the pressed cake after oil expression revealed that the materials were capable of further deformation under compression.

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