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1043–1052 V. Maksarov, A. Khalimonenko and J. Olt
Effect of porosity on the performance of cutting ceramics
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Effect of porosity on the performance of cutting ceramics

V. Maksarov¹*, A. Khalimonenko¹ and J. Olt²

¹Saint-Petersburg Mining University, 21st Line 2, 199106 St. Petersburg, Russia
²Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Kreutzwaldi 56, ЕЕ51014 Tartu, Estonia
*Correspondence: maks78.54@mail.ru


 The article examines the forecasting performance of the cutting tool equipped with interchangeable plates of carbide oxide ceramics (A2 – mixed ceramic), by definition porous ceramic tool material affecting its cutting properties. Set correlation of porosity ceramic tools from electrical resistivity removable ceramic plates. Cutting tools having larger electrical resistivity values and, respectively, smaller porosity percentages should be used for machining the most precise components of machine part blanks, since their performance will be better than that of the tools whose ceramic bits have small electrical resistivity values. Based on the established correlation selects ceramic plates for the required machining conditions.

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