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825-834 L. Zabodalova, T. Ishchenko, N. Skvortcova, D. Baranenko andV. Chernjavskij
Liposomal beta-carotene as a functional additive in dairy products
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Liposomal beta-carotene as a functional additive in dairy products

L. Zabodalova¹*, T. Ishchenko¹, N. Skvortcova¹, D. Baranenko¹ andV. Chernjavskij²

¹The Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies, ITMO University, 191002 Lomonosova Street 9, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; *Correspondence: zabodalova@gmail.com 2Research Institute of Influenza, 197376, prof. Popova str., 15/17, Saint-Petersburg; Russia


Encapsulation is of growing use in food technologies for various bioactive compounds. The study addresses the aspect of possible improved physiological activity that encapsulated form can enable. Liposomes obtained by dehydration/rehydration method were used as carriers of beta carotene. The liposomal additive was used for fortification of low-fat milk drink. Formation, structure and stability of the liposomes were controlled in the product matrix by transmission electron microscopy. Fraction-dispersed composition and aggregate stability of liposomal particles were investigated by means of dynamic light scattering. Liposomal beta-carotene was found to maintain stability during storage at 4 ± 2ºС within 15 days. Hexobarbital sleeping time test performed on mice fed with the product showed enhanced hepatostimulation effect achieved by the liposomal additive compared to free beta carotene. Liposomal beta-carotene is suggested to be used for development of functional health-promoting dairy products. Key words: liposomes, beta-carotene, bioactive compounds, encapsulation, hepatostimulation activity.

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