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170–186 K. Juhanson and E. Merisalu
Ergonomic intervention programs in different economic sectors: a review article
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Ergonomic intervention programs in different economic sectors: a review article

K. Juhanson* and E. Merisalu

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Technology, Department of Husbandry Engineering and Ergonomics, Fr.R. Kreutzwaldi 56/1, EE51014 Tartu, Estonia
*Correspondence: kerttu.juhanson@gmail.com


Unlimited number of hazards can be found in almost every workplace increasingly causing work-related diseases (WRDs) and injuries among workers. In work environment there are various risk factors: physiological, physical or psychological. An awkward and static postures, repetitive movements, high work pace, non-ergonomic tools and poorly organized workstations are most likely causing musculoskeletal disorders. As well inconvenient room temperature, noise, vibration and poor lighting conditions can conduce to additional work discomfort, mental stress, fatigue, injury, or trauma among employees. Ergonomic interventions are coming more popular. Many organizations are trying to find best solutions to avoid musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). The aim of this paper is to describe different ergonomic interventions focused on diminishing of musculoskeletal discomfort and MSDs among workers. This paper gives overview about the most common and effective ergonomic interventions which really have worked in practice. For this research were used three different databases EBSCO, Science Direct and Mendeley. The selection of publications passed three phases of systematic search of literature: the first elimination consist of keywords ‘ergonomics, intervention’ and year of publication. In the second phase was added a keyword ‘work’ and in the third phase were eliminated repeated and literature review publications and as well publications which had little sample size or the exploration was not covered with real interventions. The publications (n = 209) of ergonomic interventions carried out in the past five years 2010–2015 were analyzed. Wide spectrum of different ergonomic interventions was found in several economic sectors, whereas the most effective ones were related to well-known ergonomics methods, workstation adjustment, training and exercises.

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