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221-227 J. L. Kolchinskij
Problems of development of bio-energetics in the Russian Federation
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Problems of development of bio-energetics in the Russian Federation

J. L. Kolchinskij

Russian Consulting Centre of Agriculture, 141300, Moscow Region,Sergijevo-Posadskij district, Glinkovo 77; e-mail: Kolinfo@mail.ru


The current power balance in the world is formed mainly on the basis of three non- renewable hydrocarbonic energy sources – natural gas, oil and coal. Limitation of mineral stocks of fuel and the necessity of the maintenance of ecological safety has caused intensive growth in use of renewable energy and, in particular, bio-energy.The available resource potential of biomass in Russia is practically inexhaustible: itincludes significant reserves of bio-energy – in agriculture, arable land – 9% of world; in forestry – up to 25% of world’s timber reserves.Biofuel production is possible from the following raw materials: diesel biofuel, producedfrom oil of sunflower and oilseed rape; bioethanol, from sugar beet, corn, wood; biogas, from waste materials of animal production, food and wood processing.The project of offering proposals for state regulation of the development of bio-energeticshas been prepared, including two blocks: normative legislative documents regulating the development and maintenance of bioenergy; support of innovative financial activity – investment and taxation.Realization of the planned complex measures on acceleration of rates of bioenergeticsdevelopment in the Russian Federation will allow solving the following problems: to increase by 1.3–1.5 times the provision of animal production in fodder protein; lowering dependence of the agricultural sector on a stable rise in prices for traditional power resources; to provide a steady power supply for the agricultural population and agricultural production in the zones with decentralized electric supply.

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