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xxx A. Jaunzems and I. Balode
Eduard Stiefel’s linear programming method as tool in agro metrics
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Eduard Stiefel’s linear programming method as tool in agro metrics

A. Jaunzems* and I. Balode

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management, Inženieru street 101, LV-3601 Ventspils, Latvia
*Correspondence: jaunzems@venta.lv


In this paper, we consider the linear optimization models’ application problems in the research processes and in the didactics processes. Our target is to convince the colleagues about preferences of Eduard Stiefel’s method comparing with widespread George Bernard Dantzig’s simplex method. Indeed, the Stiefel’s method provides researchers and teachers with clear and pithy interpretations of linear model. Our pedagogical praxis during long time period conclusively confirms that Stiefel’s method makes the theory of linear optimization match easier for understanding and for active employing to students especially in the specialities with limited mathematical education. We offer in this paper also some new theoretical concepts and methods adapted for the linear model information analysis (the concept of general optimal plan, the methods of the profounder sensitivity analysis), and we appeal economists to interpret simplex predicates as productions functions in a broad sense.

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