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769-778 O. Orlova and U. Nasonova
The unique characteristics of milky-wax ripe walnuts and their usage
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The unique characteristics of milky-wax ripe walnuts and their usage

O. Orlova* and U. Nasonova

Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies, ITMO University, Lomonosova Street ⁹, ¹⁹¹00² Saint-Petersburg, Russia; *Correspondence: oousova@list.ru


The objective of the research is to obtain biologically valuable and safe food products, which have functional qualities and extended shelf life by using the antimicrobial properties of walnuts and walnut leaves of milky-wax ripeness. A study was conducted on the possibility of using walnuts of milky-wax ripeness (walnut materials) in the production technology of functional foodstuffs (cheese products, beverages, cheese, desserts, and bakery products). The study identified types and possible amounts of walnut additives into the developed products. Various additives were obtained during the research, such as extracts, tinctures, dry powders, and capsules. The most unique specific substance in raw nut is juglone. Juglone is a natural antibiotic that inhibits more than ¹00 kinds of pathogenic microorganisms. The developed products with the addition of walnuts and walnut leaves of milky-wax ripeness contain high amounts of vitamins (especially C, E, A, and group B) and minerals (iodine and manganese). For this reason, walnut contains the natural antibiotic juglone, which increases the shelf life of products up to ²¹ days without the use of stabilizers or preservatives. Because of the multifunctional properties of raw nut, more specifically the antibacterial, fungicidal and preservative properties of juglone, the additives ensure a sustainable microbiological state of the products. Juglone allows sparing technological heat treatment of raw milk (⁴0 ± ²°C) that reduces energy costs for the operation and the equipment. Various population groups can successfully use the designed products as functional food; what is more, they can be used for medical purposes. Key words: Walnut, fermented products, dairy products, juglone, preservative, milky-wax ripeness.INTRODUCTION

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