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421-434 T. Koppel,, T. Tasa and P. Tint
Electromagnetic fields in contemporary office workplaces
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Electromagnetic fields in contemporary office workplaces

T. Koppel¹,*, T. Tasa² and P. Tint¹

¹Tallinn University of Technology, Ehitajate tee 5, EE19086 Tallinn, Estonia;
*Correspondence: tarmo.koppel@ttu.ee
²Tallinn University Haapsalu College, Lihula mnt. 12, EE90507 Haapsalu,Estonia


Technological  progress  and  widespread  use  of  electronics  has  rapidly  increasedlevels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in workplaces during the last decade. Today’s workersare exposed to levels of EMFs unprecedented in history. This has caused concern amongst thegeneral  public.  Although  the  EMF  levels  of  such  modern  devices  fall  within  current  safetylimits, the recent studies have still raised questions regarding the biological effects well belowthe  safety  limits.  The  European  Union  and  the  World  Health  Organization  have  called  forscientists to conduct more studies in this field and to investigate all aspects of EMFs. The aimof  this  study  was  to  quantify  the  actual  levels  of  the  EMFs  in  contemporary  workplaces.  Asmost  of  studies  have  only  addressed  a  certain  frequency  range,  this  study  covers  all  thespectrum  of  low  (LF),  intermediate  (IF)  and  high  frequency  (HF)  EMFs.  Altogether  69workplaces were investigated. Great variations were detected across the workplaces, dependingmainly  on  the  computer  set-up  configuration.  Exposure  levels  proved  to  be  affected  by  thenearby electrical equipment, arrangement of wires or faulty appliances. At the end of the paperthe  authors  discuss  different  network  connection  technologies  and  provide  the  results  whichsuggest solutions  for lower HF EMF exposures that allow  for following of the precautionaryprinciple.Key words: electromagnetic fields, occupational exposure, office, reduction, mitigation.

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