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531-541 R. Petrokas and V. Stanys
Leaf peroxidase isozyme polymorphism of wild apple
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Leaf peroxidase isozyme polymorphism of wild apple

R. Petrokas¹ and V. Stanys²

¹ Department of Genetics and Breeding, Lithuanian Forest Research Institute, Liepų 1, LT-53101 Girionys, Kaunas distr., Lithuania; e-mail: rpetrokas@yahoo.co.uk
² Department of Genetics and Biotechnology of Orchard Plants, Lithuanian Institute ofHorticulture, LT-54333, Babtai, Kaunas distr., Lithuania


The main aims of the study were to reveal the isozyme resemblances in the leaf peroxidase of wild apple and to define the traits related to the identification of Malus sylvestris Mill. The results of the study are based on leaf isozyme analysis of seven progenies selected according to the specific features of mother trees at their natural sites from the mixed forests of south-western and central Lithuania. The patterns of peroxidase isozymes were obtained by electrophoresis. The presence or absence of isoforms has been applied to compare peroxidase patterns of progenies. Species-specific peroxidase markers of Malus sylvestris Mill. were found. The progenies of crab apple trees had the higher proportion of identical siblings in comparison to the progenies of non-crab apple trees; autogamy or even apomixis might be the factor in wild apple if considering the resemblance of some siblings in the progenies confirmed by the simultaneous comparison of their peroxidase isozyme patterns. The phenotypic characterization of rapidly growing reproductive structures (e.g. fruit characters) may be useful for the identification of Malus sylvestris Mill. independent of the remaining characters of wild apple trees.

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