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37-45 A. Jasinskas, G. Rutkauskas, B. Kavolėlis,A. Sakalauskas and E. Šarauskis
The energetic evaluation of technologies for fuel preparation from grass plants
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The energetic evaluation of technologies for fuel preparation from grass plants

A. Jasinskas¹, G. Rutkauskas¹, B. Kavolėlis¹,A. Sakalauskas² and E. Šarauskis²

¹Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Lithuanian University of Agriculture,Institute St. 20, LT-54132 Raudondvaris, Kaunas distr., Lithuania; e-mail: aljas@mei.lt
²Department of Agricultural Machinery, Lithuanian University of Agriculture,Studentu St. 15A, LT-53361 Akademija, Kaunas distr., Lithuania;e-mail: ZUM.katedra@lzuu.lt


The technologies of growing, harvesting and preparing for fuel traditional feed type grasses (the mix of cereal and legume grasses) and coarse-stemmed vegetative plants (topinambours and sunflowers) were evaluated and a rational technique was selected. The methods of energetic evaluation of fuel preparation technologies were reviewed.After energetic evaluation of the technologies it was estimated that the total energy inputof growing and harvesting grasses and legumes was equal to 8334 MJ ha-1, topinambour stems – 14378 MJ ha-1 and sunflower stems – 11324 MJ ha-1 respectively. The total energy input of growing and harvesting of traditional grasses was by 72% lower than that of topinambour stems and by 36% lower than the energy input required for fuel production from sunflower stems. From an energetic perspective, the technology of fuel preparation from traditional grasses is more advantageous than the technologies of fuel preparation from coarse-stemmed plants, specifically topinambour and sunflower stems.

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