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373-378 E. Švilponis, J. Rautapää, R. Koidumaa
Comparative ad hoc analysis of phytosanitary efficiency in EU
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Comparative ad hoc analysis of phytosanitary efficiency in EU

E. Švilponis¹, J. Rautapää², R. Koidumaa³

¹ Plant Protection Department, Estonian University of Life Sciences. Kreutzwaldi 1,EE51014 Tartu, Estonia; email: eha.svilponis@emu.ee
² Agricultural Zoology, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki,Finland; email: jorma.rautapaa@pp.inet.fi
³ Plant Health Department, Estonian Agricultural Board. Teaduse 2, Saku, Estonia. Abstract. The number of harmful plant pests and diseases intercepted in phytosanitary checks of plant materials during import and intra-community movement by EU member states in 1999–2008 were compared with import volumes, and the ad hoc phytosanitary efficiency indices were calculated. There were but minor significant differences in phytosanitary efficiency between the member states which had joined before 2004 and the new member states. Several factors, like raw material import volumes, geographic position and the island effect were found to explain differences in phytosanitary efficiency among the member states. Keywords: Interceptions, harmful organisms, island effect, import inspection, plant health



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