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17-24 Z. Aleš, J. Pavlů and V. Jurča
Maintenance interval optimization based on fuel consumption data via GPS monitoring
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Maintenance interval optimization based on fuel consumption data via GPS monitoring

Z. Aleš, J. Pavlů* and V. Jurča

Faculty of Engineering, CULS-Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamycka 129, 16521 Prague 6, Czech Republic; *Correspondence: jindrichpavlu@seznam.cz


Properly performed preventive maintenance is one of the basic conditions for ensuring the operability of the mobile machines. There are basically two types of preventive maintenance: scheduled maintenance with pre-determined intervals and maintenance by the technical state. Common practice shows that maintenance intervals are often determined only by a qualified estimate of the machine manufacturer or maintenance manager, which results in costs increase. The authors proposed new method of using the modern technology of Global Positioning System, in order to reduce costs of preventive maintenance. Mentioned technologies allow users to monitor a number of operational parameters of mobile machinery in real time. Collected data obtained from the operation can be used for decision-making of maintenance activities. For ensuring the availability of mobile machinery it is important to determine the optimal maintenance interval. The authors proposed method for using data from satellite monitoring using the criterial function in order to determine the optimal interval for performing preventive maintenance. Proposed method is demonstrated on the example of accurate determination of preventive maintenance intervals for several mobile machines. Using data from satellite monitoring and subsequent data processing contribute to better maintenance planning and consequently to economical operation. Key words: maintenance interval, preventive maintenance, maintenance costs, satellite monitoring.

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