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717-726 N. Iakovchenko and L. Silantjeva
Vegetable ingredients in soft cheese made from concentrated skim milk by ultrafiltration
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Vegetable ingredients in soft cheese made from concentrated skim milk by ultrafiltration

N. Iakovchenko* and L. Silantjeva

Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies, ITMO University, Lomonosova Street ⁹, ¹⁹¹00², Saint-Petersburg, Russia; *Correspondence: frack@mail.ru


The objective of this research was to develop the technology and composition of soft cheese made from concentrated skimmed milk by ultrafiltration with a low concentration factor. UF enables reduction in the quantities of starter, rennet, colorants, and cheese making costs per vat. The use of UF milk appeal to lactose intolerant consumers because of the low lactose levels in the product. Ultrafiltration was carried out using polyethersulfone membranes. Jerusalem potato and carrot were chosen as vegetable ingredients. Since the soft cheese was made from skimmed milk retentate, there was a necessity to compensate the lack of fat. In this research the impact of orange fiber on organoleptic qualities was determined. For imparting mouthcoating, creaminess, and providing for an even meltaway effect in the mouth CITRI–FI ¹00 FG (pure orange fiber), CITRI–FI ²00 FG (orange fiber with guar gum), CITRI–FI ³00 FG (orange fiber with xanthan gum) were chosen. Application of CITRI–FI ²00 FG and CITRI–FI ³00 FG enables the production of high quality curd only up to certain concentrations, which do not have a significant impact on the organoleptic qualities of soft cheese. The use of CITRI–FI ¹00 FG enables to get firm curd and can at the same time create organoleptic properties of a fat-containing product in the finished soft cheese. Thus, on the basis of data CITRI–FI ¹00 FG is recommended to use for manufacturing soft cheese where mouthfeel is needed. Optimal concentrations of CITRI–FI ¹00 FG were determined.

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