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1300-1306 S. Kalle and J. Paju
Comparative study of the noise levels: impact of renovation
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Comparative study of the noise levels: impact of renovation

S. Kalle¹* and J. Paju¹²

¹Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Academia road 3, EE12618, Tallinn, Estonia
²Tallinn University, School of Natural Sciences and Health, Narva road 25, EE10120, Tallinn, Estonia
*Correspondence: sigrid.kalle@ttu.ee


Health effects from different noise exposures have been studied by many researchers. According to the frequency of the noise, the complaints induced differ. Some studies have shown that low frequency noise may have serious health effects from annoyance to sleeping disturbances. Using a sound analyser with 1/3 octave band sound spectrum analysis capability, measurements were conducted on a scientific research vessel. Measurements were carried out in cabins, mess hall and engine room. The results were then compared to the Estonian and International Maritime Organization’s recommendations on noise as well as results from a previous study on the same vessel (previous study was conducted before the renovations to modernise both the engine and the cabins was conducted). The renovations did not have the desired effect on the overall noise levels of the vessel as a working environment; the noise values obtained after the renovations do not agree with the normative values during sailing. The situation has improved in several cabins on the vessel but the improvement is rather insignificant.

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