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xxx K. Tihomirova, V. Denisova, K. Golovko, O. Kirilina–Gutmane, L. Mezule and T. Juhna
Management of wastewater from landfill of inorganic fiberglass
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Management of wastewater from landfill of inorganic fiberglass

K. Tihomirova¹²*, V. Denisova¹, K. Golovko¹, O. Kirilina–Gutmane², L. Mezule¹ and T. Juhna¹

¹Riga Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Research Centre for Civil Engineering, Water Research Laboratory, Kipsalas 6a–263, LV–1048 Riga, Latvia
²The Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment ‘BIOR’ Elemental analysis division, Lejupes street 3, LV–1076 Riga, Latvia
*Correspondence: kristina.tihomirova@rtu.lv


Sustainability is one of the key factors in smart environment management and include the reduction of environment footprint. The waste and wastewater management plans are aimed on actions to reduce the amount of waste and environmental pollution. This includes collection of waste, logistics, storage, processing or valorisation and also treatment. The aim of this research was to evaluate environmental pollution risk and to demonstrate one of the wastewater management schemes to reduce the pollution level.
Evaluation of the better management scheme was performed in one of the landfills in Latvia, where fiberglass waste and other inorganic waste is stored. Onsite evaluation results demonstrated the need to develop a better wastewater management scheme of inorganic fiberglass landfill. After that, laboratory–scale experiments for conventional coagulation and biodegradation tests have been performed for efficient management.

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