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xxx O. Kostenko, H. Lapenko, Ye. Prasolov, T. Lapenko and A. Kalinichenko
Increasing the effectiveness of aggregates for planting sugar beet stecklings to receive elite seeds
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Increasing the effectiveness of aggregates for planting sugar beet stecklings to receive elite seeds

O. Kostenko¹, H. Lapenko¹, Ye. Prasolov¹, T. Lapenko¹ and A. Kalinichenko²*

¹Poltava State Agrarian Academy, Engineering and Technological Faculty, Department of Life Safety, 1/3, Skovorody street UA36003 Poltava, Ukraine
²University of Opole, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Institute of Technical Sciences, Dmowskiego street 7–9, PL45–759 Opole, Poland
*Correspondence: akalinichenko@uni.opole.pl


Planting sugar beet stecklings with planting machine is one of the stages in the technological process of producing elite seeds. The analysis of the experience of using planting units for planting stecklings showed a number of disadvantages: poor quality of planting stecklings without spacing stability and the absence of parameter control; unregulated applying nutrients and granules of water preservation to the roots negatively affect the development of plants. The aggregate having openers of the planting device was designed, and the system of supplying the spray of nutrients and growth stimulator is envisaged. The technological process is conducted in the following way: during the movement of equilateral triangles of the planting cones mechanism the root is planted in the soil. To eliminate the drawbacks while planting stecklings, the openers of the planting device for the roots having the diameter of 50–120 mm were designed. Owing to them free falling roots in the soil is ensured and their lifting together with the cone to the soil surface is prevented. The research has shown that root plant spacing depends on the angular and forward velocities of the device.
The draft resistance of furrow openers and soil compaction depend on the furrow width and depth and the distance between the axes of quadrangles and the unit rear compaction wheels.
Improving the planter, taking into account biological peculiarities of plant development, meeting the requirements of energy saving and economic expediency was proved.

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