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335-346 I. Laicāne, A. Blumberga, M. Rosa and D. Blumberga
Assessment of changes in households’ electricity consumption
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Assessment of changes in households’ electricity consumption

I. Laicāne*, A. Blumberga, M. Rosa and D. Blumberga

Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Institute of Energy Systems andEnvironment, Riga Technical University, Kronvalda bulvaris 1, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia;
*Correspondence: ilze.laicane@rtu.lv


The purpose of this research is based on a literature review analysis mainly based onthe evaluation of the effectiveness from the smart metering implementation as a behaviouralfeedback on the consumer daily lives and their motivations on reducing energy consumption. Afeasibility analysis of the improved household monitoring system with integrated smart metersand assessment of changes in residential electricity consumption were performed. In this study,an initial assessment of the pilot project for smart meters installation were conducted; thepreparation of the questionnaire survey for involvement of households in the pilot project weredescribed; a literature review on the factors effecting users’ behaviour were conducted; andbased on this literature review an assessment of household electricity consumption and CO2emission savings were provided. This research serves as a basis for further research to explorefactors influencing the user behaviour and to make analysis on electricity consumptionreduction in households, as well as the further development of smart metering in Latvia.

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