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661–671 I. Balada, V. Altmann and P. Šařec
Material waste paper recycling for the production of substrates and briquettes
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Material waste paper recycling for the production of substrates and briquettes

I. Balada*, V. Altmann and P. Šařec

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of
Machinery Utilization, Kamycka 129, CZ 165 21, Prague 6 – Suchdol, Czech Republic
*Correspondence: baladai@tf.czu.cz


This Article is focusing on recycling waste paper, which became one of the main collecting commodities for its widespread use in many economic regions. The introduction provides an overview of the development of a segment of waste paper in the EU. The article presents information about product options, new materials from processed waste and waste paper. The first part of the article describesthe situation in the Central Bohemia region both in terms of production and in terms of processing capacities. The next part of the article contains the practical information and value gained from the process of production of briquettes from waste paper and the description and analysis of technologies as well as description and analysis of achieved physical characteristics of manufactured briquettes. Another mentioned option for using waste paper is the application in substrate production technology as an input material with excellent physical properties, which could become an indispensable component in the production of highquality substrates. The resulting values indicate a higher absorption capacity of fluids that are substrates of biodegradable materials. In both technologies there are present variations of the different samples and their ratios used to manufacture the final products and are shown in the resulting comparison.

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