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816–821 A. Sirotek and J. Hart
Possibilities of monitoring cattle via GSM and A-GPS
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Possibilities of monitoring cattle via GSM and A-GPS

A. Sirotek* and J. Hart

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings, Kamýcká 129, cz165 00 Praha 6 – Suchdol Czech Republic
*Correspondence: siroteka@tf.czu.cz


Nowadays, people and things can be localized using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) or GSM technology. Devices using Differential Global Positioning Systems may not be suitable for they computing and energy intensity. The GSM and A-GPS systems have certain limitations and disadvantages. They are different in accuracy, energy intensity and therefore they are suitable for different applications. Trackers can’t be effectively used to locate animals, monitor their movements, and observe their behaviour. They can also be used to search for stolen pets and farm animals. Unguarded herds of cattle are often the target of thieves. For reasons of crime, localization was tested by devices using GSM and A-GPS technology. Specifically, the quality of these localization methods has been tested. Has been addressed above all, accuracy, reliability, speed and consistency of individual methods. In addition, further measurements were made. Localization has been tested in different well-defined environments. This makes it possible to judge the quality of individual localization technology and to suggest the best use of individual technologies and their link.

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