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xxx M.V. Radchenko, V.I. Trotsenko1, A.O. Butenko, І.M. Masyk, Z.I. Hlupak, O.I. Pshychenko, N.O. Terokhina, V.M. Rozhko and O.Y. Karpenko
Adaptation of various maize hybrids when grown for biomass
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Adaptation of various maize hybrids when grown for biomass

M.V. Radchenko¹*, V.I. Trotsenko¹1, A.O. Butenko¹, І.M. Masyk¹, Z.I. Hlupak¹, O.I. Pshychenko¹, N.O. Terokhina², V.M. Rozhko³ and O.Y. Karpenko³

¹Sumy National Agrarian University, Faculty of Agrotechnology and Nature Management, Department of Agrotechnologies and Soil Science, 160 g. Kondratieva street, UA40021 Sumy, Ukraine
²Sumy National Agrarian University, Department of Foreign Languages, 160 g. Kondratieva street, UA40021 Sumy, Ukraine
³National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Agrobiological faculty, Department of Agricultural and Herbology, 15 Heroiv Oborony street, UA03041 Кyiv, Ukraine
*Correspondence: radchenkonikolay@ukr.net


The aim of this research is to optimize growth and development of maize for biomass by selecting maize hybrids to fulfill their productivity potential. The following maize hybrids were the subject of research: Forteza, DM Native, DM Skarb. The greatest height of plants was formed in the interphase period of milk-wax maturity of grain in hybrid Forteza – 286.4 cm. In hybrid DM Native the height of plants was – 271.2 cm, hybrid DM Skarb – 263.6 cm. Weight of one plant of hybrids studied during the maize growing season ranged from 442 g to 760 g. Thus, the largest mass of maize plants was recorded in the milk-wax maturity stage. It was the largest at the hybrid Forteza and amounted to 760 g, that is more than at the hybrid DM Native for 3.4% (26 g) and at the hybrid DM Skarb for 6.6% (50 g). The average crop yield of the hybrid Forteza for the period of research was 55.1 t ha-1. Hybrids DM Native and DM Skarb provided this indicator at the level of 50.6 and 45.7 t ha-1 respectively. Hybrid Forteza provided a maximum crop yield 55.1 t ha-1 with plant height 286.4 cm, assimilation surface of one plant and a crop 0.59 m2; 42.8 thousand m2 ha-1 and plant weight 760 g.

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