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79–89 A. Strakšas
Development of a stripper-header for grain harvesting
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Development of a stripper-header for grain harvesting

A. Strakšas

Institute of Agricultural Engineering Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Institute St. 20, LT-54132 Raudondvaris, Kaunas r., Lithuania; e-mail: anicetas@mei.lt


Crop stripping technology has not been investigated in Lithuania until 2000 as there were no devices for this technology. The paper includes the scheme of a designed and manufactured experimental device (hereinafter ‘stripper’), applied to crop ear stripping technology, and describes its operation principle. The results of operation and comparative tests are presented. Energetic indices of traditional and ear stripping technology were defined. It was determined that when the operating speed of the harvester with a stripper increased, the grain losses of wheat and barley stripping decreased. When stripping and threshing wheat, the operating speed of the harvester has no impact on grain threshing-separating losses. When stripping barley, it has a small impact: if the speed increases, the losses also increase insignificantly but do not exceed the permissible limit. When comparing ear stripping technology with the traditional crop harvesting one, the harvester output is twice as high as that in the first technology: 40% of fuel is saved.

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