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896–906 I. Riivits-Arkonsuo, A. Leppiman and J. Hartšenko
Quality labels in Estonian food market. Do the labels matter?
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Quality labels in Estonian food market. Do the labels matter?

I. Riivits-Arkonsuo*, A. Leppiman and J. Hartšenko

Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Business Administration, Ehitajate tee5, EE 19086 Tallinn, Estonia
*Correspondence: Iivi.riivits@ttu.ee


 The current study investigates the consumers’ perception of quality labels for Estonian food. Based on empirical findings from a representative population survey, this paper analyzes and discusses consumers’ attitudes and the behavioural consequences towards two quality labels and related campaigns: the best Estonian foodstuff and the sign of national flag. The representative survey was fielded annually, at first in 2009 following in the years 2011–2015. Every wave comprises the answers of 1,000 Estonian inhabitants. Employing the same methodology over the time the current study achieves an understanding of development in consumer awareness the quality labels and the impact of those labels on the purchasing behaviour. The paper enables to estimate the effectiveness of launching quality labels for foodstuffs and concludes that the labels serve their purposes.

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