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74-78 R. Ilves, V. Mikita, Ü. Traat and A. Gregor
Common Rail Diesel Feed System Diagnosing Technology
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Common Rail Diesel Feed System Diagnosing Technology

R. Ilves¹, V. Mikita¹, Ü. Traat¹ and A. Gregor

¹ Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences,
56 Kreutzwaldi Str., EE51014 Tartu, Estonia; e-mail: risto.ilves@emu.ee
² Department of Thermal Engineering in Tallinn University of Technology
Tallinn University of Technology, 116 Kopli Str., EE11712 Tallinn, Estonia;


For testing common rail diesel feed systems, the company responsible for the production has issued test plans that include cycle values and repair technology. This particular article provides the reader with an overview of the common rail diesel feed systems’ changes in cycle value due to control parameters and diagnosing technology that does not use test plans.

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