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445-454 K. Balina,, M. Balode, L. Muzikante and D. Blumberga
Impact of synthetic hormone 17α-ethinylestradiol on growth of microalgae Desmodesmus communis
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Impact of synthetic hormone 17α-ethinylestradiol on growth of microalgae Desmodesmus communis

K. Balina¹,*, M. Balode²⋅³, L. Muzikante² and D. Blumberga¹

¹Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Azenes Str. 12/1, LV1048 Riga, Latvia; *Correspondence: karina.balina@rtu.lv
²Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Daugavgrivas 8, LV1048 Riga, Latvia
³University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology, Department of Hydrobiology, Kronvalda Boulevard 4, LV1010 Riga, Latvia


Microalgae has recently attracted much attention as a feedstock for biogas. Using wastewater as microalgae nutrition is a way how to produce algal biomass with low cost and minimum impact on environment. However, wastewater often is polluted with chemicals like pharmaceuticals which are among the commonly used chemicals in everyday life. The present study was aimed at the toxicity evaluation of a commonly used synthetic hormone, 17α-ethinylestradiol, using freshwater green algae Desmodesmus communis as a biotest organism. Parameters like healthy cell number and photosynthetic activity were determined and used to assess the toxicity. Lowest Observed Effect Concentration (LOEC) and 50% Effective Concentration (EC50) values were calculated for the parameters at different incubation times. It was found out that 17α-ethinylestradiol affects algal cell ability to grow, inhibits cell division and reduce photosynthetic processes in algal cells. Our research shows that inhibitory effect on growth of green algae D. communis start on concentration below 10 µg L-1 (4–8 µg L-1). Concentrations in the range of concentration 80–100 reduce growth by 50%, but concentrations 100–500 µg L-1 induce 100% reduction of growth rate and even calls initial algal cell destruction. Presence of EE2 in wastewater used for algal growth can affect productivity of a microalgae aquaculture.

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