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553-562 M. Märss,, A. Annuk, A. Allik and J. Uiga
AC-link based new microgrid system for research of local power flow management
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AC-link based new microgrid system for research of local power flow management

M. Märss¹⋅²,*, A. Annuk¹, A. Allik¹ and J. Uiga¹

¹Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Kreutzwaldi 56, EE51014 Tartu, Estonia 2Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ehitajate tee 5, EE19086 Tallinn, Estonia; *Correspondence: maido.marss@emu.ee


This paper gives an overview of a distributed energy technology laboratory, where diverse approaches are studied to effectively integrate distributed generation into power systems. The laboratory is equipped with small-scale power generation devices including wind turbine (3.5 kW), PV array (2.5 kW), synthetic energy generator (3.6 kW) and also batteries, ultra capacitor, programmable load (6.2 kW), weather station, power flow and power quality control and monitoring system. The laboratory is used for researching and applying energy-management technics to control energy storage and increasing power reliability and power quality in small-scale generation units. On-site measured data of power consumption and production can be linked to the laboratory and simulated online with synthetic energy generator and programmable load. It is also possible to scale the measured data and model systems with variable sizes. As a result the stability of variable systems can be tested with different storage capacities and load management techniques.

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