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195-204 M. Rajaniemi and J. Ahokas
A case study of energy consumption measurement system in broiler production
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A case study of energy consumption measurement system in broiler production

M. Rajaniemi and J. Ahokas

Department of Agrotechnology, University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 28, 00014 Helsinki,


Energy savings in animal production have become increasingly important due to climate change and rising energy prices. In order to find potential savings, the energy consumption and its allocation inside the production systems must be known. The biggest energy input in broiler production is feed. To reduce this energy input the savings must be done in crop and feed production chain. This study focused on the direct energy consumption inside the broiler house. Ventilation, lighting, feeding and heating systems consume also a considerable large amount of energy. However, information of this energy consumption is incomplete, and variation between different locations, farms and broiler batches is large. In this study, the energy consumption of broiler production was measured in one insulated broiler house in Southern Finland. Energy consumption was measured from ventilation, lighting, feeding and heating during broiler batches. Also environmental factors, such as indoorand outdoor temperatures, carbon dioxide level and relative humidity were measured continuously, because they have an effect on energy consumption and the microclimate inside the building must be kept good. This data can also be used in calculations of ventilation heating demand. Energy consumption of ventilation, feeding and lighting were measured with current clamps. Clamps were located in the electrical center, and energy consumption was calculated from the measured current and voltage. Data was saved on a data logger. Heating energy was measured from the heating pipes. Energy consumption was calculated from the temperature difference of incoming and outgoing water and water flow rate. Measured data was uploaded from the data loggers after every broiler batch. Energy consumption was calculated for each broiler batch and per kg of slaughter weight.

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