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1562-1572 A. Chechetkina, N. Iakovchenko and L. Zabodalova
The technology of soft cheese with a vegetable component
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The technology of soft cheese with a vegetable component

A. Chechetkina*, N. Iakovchenko and L. Zabodalova

ITMO University, St. Lomonosova 9, RU 191002 Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
*Correspondence: Aleksandra.chechetkina@mail.ru


In products with complex composition milk and vegetable raw materials are used in different combinations, which allow to give them certain functional properties. Increasing the production of biologically wholesome products is a highly topical issue. One of the possible solutions of the problem is combining milk basis with vegetable raw material. Studies have been conducted on the development of soft cheeses from goat’s milk with chickpea flour. The aim of this research is to study the properties, consumer value and possibility of creation of soft cheese formulation with chickpea flour. In this field of study, an extruded chickpea flour is an innovative additive that had never been used before. Optimal proportion of ingredients was determined by nutritional, biological and energy value under the limitations arising from structural and parametrical models of adequate nutrition. The optimal concentration of bean filler in cheese mass that allows for the insignificant change in qualitative indicators of lacto–vegetarian product (taste, smell, consistency and color) was determined. During the experiments an effective fracture of bean component was selected and qualitative indicators of the developed soft cheese were determined. The paper gives scientific substantiation for the effectiveness of manufacture of soft goat cheese with chickpea flour.

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