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705-716 D. Baranenko, V. Kolodyaznaya and Y. Broyko
Effect of cold treatment on the amino acid composition of veal
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Effect of cold treatment on the amino acid composition of veal

D. Baranenko*, V. Kolodyaznaya and Y. Broyko

Institute of refrigeration and biotechnologies, ITMO University, 191002, Lomonosova Street 9, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; *Correspondence: denis.baranenko@gmail.com


Veal is a promising raw material for use in the daily diet, as well as for production of functional and dietary foods. However the effect of cold treatment on the amino acid composition of veal has not been sufficiently studied. The aim of this study was the amino acid composition analysis of veal subjected to various variants of cold treatment. The selected material under research was muscle tissue of hip parts from calves, grown in the Leningrad Region, Russia and aged no more than 3 months. Cooling to 4 ± 1°C and rapid freezing to the temperature of minus 18°C at the cooling air temperatures of minus 24°C and minus 35°C were used as variants of cold treatment. Amino acid composition analyses were carried out using precolumn derivatization with phenylisothiocyanate and reversed-phase gradient HPLC on the Shimadzu 20-AD chromatograph with spectrophotometric detection at 254 nm. The results show the effect of cold treatment on the content of free amino acids and total amino acid composition of veal. In many respects changes in amino acid composition are concerned with moisture losses during the refrigerating treatment. The dependence between the change in amino acid content and the structure of its side chain group type is shown. Amino acid score for essential amino acids was calculated and conclusions about changes in biological value of veal protein were made. The obtained data can be used in biological value calculation of the multi-component products and food rations with veal subjected to refrigerating treatment.

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