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435-440 Ü. Kristjuhan
Possibilities of prolonging human life in the near future
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Possibilities of prolonging human life in the near future

Ü. Kristjuhan

Chair of Labour Environment and Safety, Tallinn University of Technology,Ehitajate tee 5, EE19086 Tallinn, Estonia; e-mail: ulo.kristjuhan@ttu.ee


People are interested in health and long life. As a result of their activities, health isimproving and average life expectancy is increasing in most countries by two to three monthsevery year. It is around 76 years in Estonia and nearly 80 years in the European Union (onaverage) at present. Life expectancy is projected to increase to 84.6 years for men and to 89.1years for women in Europe by 2060. However, these figures are likely to be overly pessimistic.There are many ways of accelerating progress. Many of these are health behaviours: avoidingstress, controlling blood pressure, exercising and healthy diets do not require much additionalexpense. A combination of such measures can have an impressive effect on health and lifeexpectancy. Our experimental studies in the industry have shown that it is possible to postponeage-related changes by up to 20 years at present. More rapid prolonging of human life ispossible by advancing biogerontological studies and intervention programmes that need moreresources than they currently have available to them.

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