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2339–2349 V.V. Martirosyan, Kh.A. Baluyan, M.N. Kostyuchenko, V.D. Malkina, E.V. Zhirkova and M.F. Marshalkin
Biological effect of hydroxycitric acid within a Garcinia Cambogia extract on the nutrient metabolism
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Biological effect of hydroxycitric acid within a Garcinia Cambogia extract on the nutrient metabolism

V.V. Martirosyan¹³*, Kh.A. Baluyan¹, M.N. Kostyuchenko¹, V.D. Malkina², E.V. Zhirkova⁴ and M.F. Marshalkin⁵

¹Research Institute of Baking Industry, st. B. Cherkizovskaya, d. 26 ‘a’, RU107553 Moscow, Russia
²Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky (PKU), st. Ground Val, 73, RU109004 Moscow, Russia
³All-Russian Research Institute of Corn, st. Yermolov, 14 ‘b’, RU357528 Pyatigorsk, Russia
⁴Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Stremyanny Lane, 36, RU117997 Moscow, Russia
⁵North-Caucasian Federal University, Pyatigorsk Branch, 40 Let Octyabrya Ave. 56, RU357500 Pyatigorsk, Russia
*Correspondence: v.martirosyan@gosniihp.ru


Among plant supplements, which once included in a food regimen, induce a favorable evolution in persons seeking to lose some weight, Garcinia cambogia fruit containing hydroxycitric acid deserves close attention. The aim of this study consisted in the investigation of a biological effect of hydroxycitric acid within a Garcinia cambogia extract on the nutrient metabolism. The study involved the use of a Garcinia cambogia extract comprising hyroxycitric acid in the amount of 60.23%. In view of simulating the conditions of digestion, model dietary media consisting of extrusion products added with a Garcinia cambogia extract and enzymes were developed. The simulation of digestion processes in experimental model media has shown the decrease of glucose formation. Possibly hydroxycitric acid inactivates the activity of amylases, what results in the decline in the content of free monosaccharides and in the reduction of synthesis of glycerol as a fat component with the effect of an inhibited triglyceride formation. The addition of an extrusion product comprising the Garcinia cambogia extract to the diet of laboratory animals (rats) after 28 days of the experiment resulted in a reliable reduction of blood total cholesterol and triglycerides by 13% and 28%, respectively, and also in the decrease of body weight of animals by 5.8%. The investigation confirms the data available in the literature on the properties of hydroxycitric acid within a Garcinia cambogia extract, which influences the nutrient metabolism, thereby allows using brindleberry processing products for the correction of body weight.

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