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233-238 A. Dastikaitė, A. Sliesaravičius and N. Maršalkienė
Sensibility of two hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth.) genotypes to soil acidity
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Sensibility of two hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth.) genotypes to soil acidity

A. Dastikaitė¹, A. Sliesaravičius¹ and N. Maršalkienė²

¹Department of Crop Science and Animal Husbandry
²Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Studentų 11,LT-4324, Akademija, Kaunas distr., Lithuania;e-mail: nijole.petraityte@delfi.lt


Vetches are grown for pastures and mixtures with grain for forage. Hairy vetch is a legume primarily used for soil improvement and bank stabilization, is well adapted to organic cultivation and grows well on a wide range of soil types – on sandy, nitrogen depleted and lightly acidic soils. The analysis of hairy vetch sensibility to soil pH parameters was performed with phyto-cameras at the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture in 2005–2006. The experiments were conducted with hairy vetch variety „Pūkiai‟ and wild population sample No.34, and covered investigation of vetch sensibility to the substrates with pH from 6.5 down to 3.3. The greatest hairy vetch viability and productivity were observed in the substrates with pH 5.8–5.5, and were most inhibited in the substrates with pH 3.3–3.5. Vetch No.34 tolerated substrates with pH 5.8–5.2 better than vetch „Pūkiai‟, whereas vetch „Pūkiai‟ tolerated substrates with pH 6.5 and 3.3 relatively better than vetch No.34.

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