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339-344 J. Rysová, J. Ouhrabková, D. Gabrovská, I. Paulíčková, R. Winterová, T. Vymyslický, J. Prokeš and M. Hutař4
Food with addition of little-known legume varieties
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Food with addition of little-known legume varieties

J. Rysová¹, J. Ouhrabková¹, D. Gabrovská¹, I. Paulíčková¹, R. Winterová¹, T. Vymyslický², J. Prokeš³ and M. Hutař4

¹Food Research Institute Prague, Radiová ⁷, ¹0² ³¹ Praha¹0, Czech Republic; e-mail:jana.rysova@vupp.cz
²Agricultural Research, Ltd., Zahradní 1, 664 41 Troubsko, Czech Republic
³PRO-BIO, Trading Company Ltd., Lipová 40, 788 32 Staré Město, Czech Republic
⁴Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Lipová 15, 120 44 Praha 2, Czech Republic


The nutritional value of little known legumes was studied. Grass pea, old variety of pea,  dark  varieties  of  beans  and  chickpea  were  processed  into  flour,  farina,  flakes  and  malt. These  raw  materials  were  added  into  bread,  bakery  products,  pastas,  spreads  and  desserts; tempeh  was  prepared  by  fermentation  with  Rhizopus  mould.  Foods  with  legumes  were submitted  to  nutritional  evaluation  and  sensory  analysis.  The  addition  of  legumes  to  bakery goods increased proteins and fibre content and decreased the energy value. The level of ODAP and α- galactosides decreased significantly during tempeh preparation.

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