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952-957 A. Avotins, A. Potapovs, P. Apse-Apsitis and J. Gruduls
Crop weight measurement sensor for IoT based industrial greenhouse systems
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Crop weight measurement sensor for IoT based industrial greenhouse systems

A. Avotins¹*, A. Potapovs¹, P. Apse-Apsitis¹ and J. Gruduls²

¹Riga Technical University, Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Azenes 12, LV-1048 Riga, Latvia
²SIA ‘Latgales darzenu logistika’ greenhouse, “Kloneshniki”, Mezvidi parish, LV-5725 Karsava region, Latvia
*Correspondence: ansis.avotins@rtu.lv


Nowadays the industrial management systems are changing by means of implementing various Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, allowing a simple integration of sensor technologies with wireless communications and development of cloud based database solutions. The industrial greenhouse management systems are not the exception in this regard, as they are becoming more and more popular with the use of various sensors for the automation of the vegetable and other crop cultivation process.The general aim they have is to raise the level of process automation, quality, energy efficiency and other important parameters. The implemented technologies and environment of industrial greenhouse can be different fir the research type laboratories, as they are focused on production, therefore this research is conducted in cooperation with tomato producing industrial greenhouse of SIA ‘Latgales darzenu logistika’ focusing on IoT based crop weight measurement.

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