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211–219 Z. Roja, H. Kalkis, I. Reinholds and A. Cekuls
Ergonomics risk analysis in construction operations
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Ergonomics risk analysis in construction operations

Z. Roja¹, H. Kalkis²*, I. Reinholds¹ and A. Cekuls³

¹University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry, Ergonomic Research centre, Jelgavas street
1, LV-1004 Riga, Latvia
²Riga Stradins University, Faculty of European Studies, Dzirciema street 16, LV-1007
Riga, Latvia
³University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Management, Department of
Management, Aspazijas blvd. 5, LV-1050 Riga, Latvia
*Correspondence: henrijs.kalkis@gmail.com


The research focuses on analysis of ergonomics risks among construction workers in different operations at work. The aim of the research is to carry out ergonomics risk analysis in various construction operations and to prove that physically hard manual work and application of force in manual work operations affect muscular fatigue, using objective and subjective risk assessment methods, including extended version of Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire, myotonometric measurements, muscle’s force determination with dynamometer. During the research it was proved that the combination of objective and subjective ergonomics risk analysis methods provides holistic approach and reliable ergonomics risk analysis results.

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