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xxx Ē. Teirumnieka, Da. Blumberga, E. Teirumnieks and V. Stramkale
Product-oriented production of industrial hemp according to climatic conditions
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Product-oriented production of industrial hemp according to climatic conditions

Ē. Teirumnieka¹*, Da. Blumberga¹, E. Teirumnieks² and V. Stramkale³

¹Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Azenes Iela 12/1, LV-1048 Riga, Latvia
²Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Engineering Institute, Atbrivosanas aleja 115, LV-4601 Rezekne, Latvia
³Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Department of Crop Breeding and Agroecology, Latgale Agricultural Research Centre, Kulturas laukums 1a, Vilani, LV-4650 Vilanu novads, Latvia
*Correspondence: erika.teirumnieka@gmail.com


Cultivation area of industrial hemp in Europe has increased since 2012. It is expected that in future its production will increase, because European Union (EU) policy focuses more on the ‘green deal’ goals. Research into the effects of climate conditions (temperature and rainfall) on growth is important to select the best industrial hemp varieties for hemp products. The objective of the research is identifying industrial hemp varieties suitable for seed, fiber and shives production in varying pedo-climatic conditions in order to obtain products with the highest added value.
Four industrial hemp varieties were used for the research: ‘Purini’ (Latvia), ‘Bialobrzeskie’ (Poland), ‘USO -31’ (France-Ukraine), ‘Finola’ (Finland). Field trials were carried out in Eastern Latvia in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2019. Climatic indicators were recorded during the vegetation period from April to September. Yields of seeds, fibre, shives and total biomass were determined during the research. Factor analysis method was used to determine the impact of temperature and rainfall on the yield of seeds, fibres and shives. The study of climatic factors shows that the effect of temperature and rainfall on seed, shives and fiber yields strongly depends on the variety

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