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968-976 A. Birkavs and R. Smigins
Experimental research on compatibility of mineral and biobased hydraulic oils
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Experimental research on compatibility of mineral and biobased hydraulic oils

A. Birkavs* and R. Smigins

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, Motor Vehicle Institute, 5 J.Cakstes blvd, LV3001 Jelgava, Latvia
*Correspondence: aivars.birkavs@llu.lv


The use of biobased hydraulic oils becomes more popular in the different industries, but especially in agriculture machinery. This is stimulated by the fact that significant amount of hydraulic oils effluence in the environment and therefore leaves a negative impact to the ecosystem. Besides of that, the part of sold hydraulic oils grows and now forms approximately 15% of total oil consumption amounts worldwide (Nagendramma & Kaul, 2012).
The aim of this research was to study the compatibility of the comercially produced mineral and biobased hydraulic oils, identify viscosity of a different mixtures in the entire work temperature range, as also changes of anti-frictional properties. Two different oils and three mixtures were tested. Special hydraulic experimental apparatus was established for visual observation of fluid properties. Sliding friction bench was used for the comparision of friction properties.
The results showed that change of the working pressure and temperature of the hydraulic oil in the various mixtures of mineral and biological hydraulic oils do not change its original appearance. It was observed that the highest viscosity 71 mm2 s-1 and worst anti-friction properties is for the 50% mix of mineral and biologial hydraulic oil at 20 °C ambient temperature.

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