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17-24 J. Ahokas and T. Jokiniemi
Light tractor simulator
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Light tractor simulator

J. Ahokas¹ and T. Jokiniemi²

Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki, PL 28, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland; e-mail: 1jukka.ahokas@helsinki.fi, 2tapani.jokiniemi@helsinki.fi


A tractor simulator was made for hard tillage work. The aim of the simulator was to have it in national language and that it is easy to use. There are tractor simulators available but they are mainly made for different conditions than we have and they are also in languages not common to our farmers. The simulator user can interactively experiment how working depth and – width, soil conditions, ballasting and driving speed effect on wheel slip, field capacity and fuel consumption l ha-1. The simulator also shows how complicated a tractor – implement system is. Because the soil conditions and implement conditions are varying there can be large scatter in the results.

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