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723-731 P. Valášek
Polymeric microparticles composites with waste EPDM rubber powder
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Polymeric microparticles composites with waste EPDM rubber powder

P. Valášek

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Department of material science and manufacturing engineering, Kamýcká 129, CZ-16521, Prague, Czech Republic; e-mail: valasekp@tf.czu.cz


Polymeric materials filled with inorganic microparticles can be described as polymeric microparticle composites. These materials combine the various mechanical, physical and chemical properties of different phases. Waste microparticles can also be used as filler. Inclusion of these waste microparticles can optimize the required mechanical properties and decrease the price. This paper describes the possibilities of using recycled waste rubber powder in polymer composite systems. The aim of the experiment was to quantify the mechanical properties of epoxy resin (Glue Epox Rapid – with increased speed of hardening) and polyurethane (Sika Power – resin based on polyol) filled with recycled EPDM rubber powder (29 µm) gained from a Czech company and to describe the changes in the mechanical qualities with a changeable amount of microparticles. Composites were prepared with a different filler concentration of resins (5–35 volume percent). Cohesive and adhesive characteristics were chosen for the quantification of the system. Adhesive strength to the steel adherent was tested by means of lap-shear tensile strength. Cohesive strength was tested by means of tensile strength. Hardness was measured by the Shore D method. The described use of waste material is inexpensive and offers the possibility of recycling material. The application of waste EPDM powder in the area of resins is a benfitial way of material usage which should be preferred.

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