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511-518 K. Klavina, A. Cinis and A. Zandeckis
A study of pressure drop in an experimental low temperature wood chip dryer
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A study of pressure drop in an experimental low temperature wood chip dryer

K. Klavina*, A. Cinis and A. Zandeckis

Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Kronvalda blvd. 1, LV-1010 Riga, Latvia; *Correspondence: krista.klavina@rtu.lv


The use of wood materials, and logging residues in the energy sector is growing rapidly, and will follow the same trend in the following years in the entire EU. This development is related to the target of 20% renewable energy share in the primary energy consumption. Thus it is very important to increase the value of fresh wood materials by application of drying technologies. Drying allows increasing the efficiency and flexibility of combustion, transportation, and storage processes. The goal of this research is to study wood chip drying process in low temperature conditions as a promising solution for the use of low exergy energy sources, such as solar energy, geothermal, and waste heat. Low temperature drying processes typically require high parasitic consumption of electrical energy that is required to provide the air change in the wood chip body, but allows reduction of heat loss. This study was developed to collect experimental information required for designing, optimization and operation of low temperature dryers. Experimental setup was used to study wood chip drying process in controlled laboratory conditions. Air pressure loss is settled as the dependent variable. Thickness of wood chip layer and airflow rate were changed between the experiments. A comprehensive analysis of the obtained monitoring data is carried out.

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