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112–122 M. Gaworski, N. Kamińska and P. Kic
Evaluation and optimization of milking in some Polish dairy farms differed in milking parlours
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Evaluation and optimization of milking in some Polish dairy farms differed in milking parlours

M. Gaworski¹*, N. Kamińska¹ and P. Kic²

¹Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Department of Production Management and Engineering, Nowoursynowska str. 164, PL02-787 Warsaw, Poland
²Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings, Kamycka 129, CZ165 21 Prague 6, Czech Republic
*Correspondence: marek_gaworski@sggw.pl


Farms are continuously growing and modernized in Poland during the last years. The increased dairy herds require also modernization of milking equipment. The aim of this paper was to present the main criteria, which could be used for the solution of principal questions important for the choosing, optimization and evaluation of milking parlours in conditions of Polish agriculture. The research was conducted on three modern dairy farms in Poland to assess effectiveness of different milking parlours use. The first farm with 60 cows was equipped by side by side milking parlour, the second farm with 85 cows was equipped by herringbone milking parlour and the third farm had 80 cows and autotandem milking parlour. The choosing and evaluation of milking parlours parameters were based on the available information and results of previous research in dairy farms in the Poland, using the mathematical model created in the Czech Republic. Time for milking and final specific direct costs were main parameters which enable evaluation and choosing of suitable milking parlour for the dairy farm. The results of measurement and calculation in current farms were compared with possible future enlarged farms to capacity of 200 cows.

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