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1089–1096 M. Krumbholc and M. Kotek
Analysis of operation parameters of electric and gasoline vehicle in real driving
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Analysis of operation parameters of electric and gasoline vehicle in real driving

M. Krumbholc* and M. Kotek

Czech University of Life Science Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Vehicles and Ground Transport, Kamýcká 129, CZ16500 Prague, Czech Republic
*Correspondence: krumbholc@tf.czu.cz


The reduction of transport-generated energy consumption and consequent emission production are currently a problem of global interest. Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered as one promising technological solution for limiting transport-generated energy consumption and emission production, but theirs operating parameters are strongly influenced by immediately operating conditions and it is often very problematic to prove or disprove benefits of EVs in real operation.
The aim of this paper is to present comparison of operating parameters of the full-electric vehicle VW e-UP! with identical vehicle Skoda Citigo with gasoline engine in real driving. Both vehicles were tested together in several different areas of the Czech Republic. The experiment was focused on analysis of energy (fuel) consumption and production of exhaust gases (CO, CO2, NOX). VAG-COM diagnostics system was used for sensing engine operating parameters, GPS coordinate were measured by Garmin GPS-18x, vehicle Skoda Citigo was equipped by the PEMS analyzer VMK for RDE emission sensing (CO, CO2, HC, NOX). The results bring a real comparison between the electric vehicle and the vehicle with gasoline engine in terms of fuel consumption and emissions production.

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