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155-164 A. Menind and A. Normak
Study on Grinding Biomass as Pre-treatment for Biogasification
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Study on Grinding Biomass as Pre-treatment for Biogasification

A. Menind¹ and A. Normak²

¹ Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences,
56 Kreutzwaldi Str., EE51014 Tartu, Estonia; e-mail: andres.menind@emu.ee
² Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,
Estonian University of Life Sciences, 5 Kreutzwaldi Str., EE51014 Tartu, Estonia


Six different samples were collected from local farms in Tartu County in Estonia. Based on preliminary results of fibre tests, four samples with different lignin content were chosen for grinding and biogasification experiments. Next, knife mill and laboratory scissors were used for particle size reduction. The knife mill was used with bottom screen sizes 0.5 mm, 4 mm and 10 mm. With scissors the hay was cut into 2…3 cm pieces. Sieve shaker and Easy Sieve software were used for particle distribution analysis. Biogas potential was determined for different hay samples. Cumulative biogas production was calculated by pressure increase in gas phase of bottles according to ideal gas law. We are going to show in what way the cutting impacts biogas yield. Negative correlation between biogas yield, particle size and lignin content is significant for most hay samples analysed.

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