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53-62 J. Čedík and R. Pražan
Comparison of tyres for self-propelled sprayers
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Comparison of tyres for self-propelled sprayers

J. Čedík* and R. Pražan

Research institute of Agriculture Engineering, Drnovská 507, 161 01, Prague 6, Czech Republic; *Correspondence: cedik@vuzt.cz


This article deals with comparison of two types of tyres (MITAS VF and MITAS AC 85) for self-propelled sprayers in terms of their grip properties and effect on soil. The MITAS VF tyre has a new construction allowing it to work with lower inflation pressure and in higher speed than standard tyre. In order to compare the grip properties there was measured dependence of slippage on tractive force. In order to compare the effect on soil there will be measured footprint area of tyre, specific pressure on base (material), compaction of topsoil by means of wire profilograph and penetration resistance of soil by means of penetrometer. The measurement has been taken place on medium-heavy soil, on stubble after wheat cultivation. The MITAS AC tyres showed lesser tread pattern than the MITAS VF tyres. The VF tyres showed also better grip properties and lesser effect on the topsoil. The soil cone index showed statistically not significant difference in comparison with non-compacted soil and it was approximately the same in case of both variants.

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