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310-317 Yu.A. Mazhayskiy, T.M. Guseva, S.M. Kurchevskiy and V.V. Vcherashnyaya
Agrochemical methods for reducing the translocation ability of heavy metals in sod-podzolic soil
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Agrochemical methods for reducing the translocation ability of heavy metals in sod-podzolic soil

Yu.A. Mazhayskiy¹, T.M. Guseva²*, S.M. Kurchevskiy³ and V.V. Vcherashnyaya⁴

¹Meshchersky branch of the all-Russian research Institute of hydraulic engineering and land reclamation n. A.N. Kostyakova, 1A Meshcherskaya str., RU390021 Ryazan, Russia
²Ryazan state medical University n. I.P. Pavlova, 22 Lenina Str., RU390000 Ryazan, Russia
³Belarusian National Technical University, 65 Prospekt Nezavisimosti, BE220013 Minsk, Belarus
⁴Belarusian State Order of the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labor Agricultural Academy, 5 Michurina str., BE213410 Gorki, Belarus
*Correspondence: guseva.tm@yandex.ru


The impact of technogenesis on the agricultural landscape contributes to the contamination of all its components by heavy metals. The main measure to protect the environment from the input of heavy metals is the prevention of pollution, which is achieved by improving the technology of agricultural production. The development of methods for the agrochemical rehabilitation of technogenically polluted soil, which ensure the receipt of environmentally safe crop products, is an urgent task. The paper presents the results of a lysimetric experiment on the study of the use of fertilizer systems for the purpose of remediation of heavy-metal-contaminated soddy-podzolic soil. It has been experimentally established that the translocation ability of heavy metals and, as a result, the accumulation of toxicants in grain and tilled crops is reduced when using an organomineral fertilizer system. All the studied fertilizer systems reduced the entry of dangerous ecotoxicants – lead and cadmium, into the infiltration water, and also caused the immobilization of Cu and Zn.

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