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129-132 O. Auškalnienė and A. Auškalnis
Effect of sulfonylurea herbicides on weeds and maize
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Effect of sulfonylurea herbicides on weeds and maize

O. Auškalnienė and A. Auškalnis

Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Instituto aleja 1 Akademija, LT-58344 - Kedainiai distr.,Lithuania; e-mail: ona@lzi.lt, albinas@lzi.lt


Three field experiments, designed to test the new sulfonylurea group herbicides, were conducted in maize crops during 2002–2003 at the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture in Central Lithuania.The weed species differed between fields. The most frequent weed species in maize standswere Elytrigia repens, and Chenopodium album. The efficacy of tested herbicides against Chenopodium album, Echinocloa crus – galli differed in relation to active ingredients. Rimsulfuron-methyl and nicosulfuron-methyl were effective against Echinochloa crus – galli; primisulfuron-methyl did not have any effect on this weed species. Nicosulfuron – methyl and primisulfuron-methyl were effective against Chenopodium album, however, rimisulfuron methyl did not control that weed as effectively.The green matter yield of maize in treated plots was 1–18.4 t ha-1 higher than in theuntreated.

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