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1659-1670 M. Prikryl, P. Vaculik, L. Chladek, L. Libich and P. Smetanova
The human factor’s impact on the process of milking
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The human factor’s impact on the process of milking

M. Prikryl¹*, P. Vaculik¹, L. Chladek¹, L. Libich¹ and P. Smetanova²

¹Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings, Kamýcká 129, CZ 165 21 Prague 6-Suchdol, Czech Republic
²Rodná 12, Mladá Vožice, CZ 391 43, Czech Republic
*Correspondence: prikryl@tf.czu.cz


This article explores the results of measurements that monitor human impact on the process of milking. Milk is an animal product that is intended for direct consumption but also for further processing. After obtaining milk from the mammary glands of dairy cows, it is treated so that it can be distributed to the customer in many forms. The customer may choose from a wide range of dairy products, which include milk as well as cream, cheese, yoghurt, etc. Large quantities of quality milk (from which other products are manufactured in consecutive steps) are used to satisfy the demand of consumers. The quantity and quality of cow milk is important for both the consumer and producer. This article discusses measurements focused on the effort of improving the preparation of cows before milking. This is the most important operation to ensure the best and fastest way of milking. A procedure for the preparation of the udder was proposed on the basis of professional literature and then measurements were performed in a building with a herringbone parlour. After evaluation it was revealed that the periods of milking were too long because insufficient preparation before milking. The performed measurements showed that when the udder had been prepared in the recommended way, the entire milking process showed significantly better results (shorter times of milking). The human factor can be therefore considered to be the milkers’ behaviour towards the animals. It affects the welfare of dairy cows.

We therefore recommend using the suggested process for preparing the udder.

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