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59-72 A. Razukas, Z. Jankauskiene, J. Jundulas and R. Asakaviciute
Research of technical crops (potato and flax) genetic resources in Lithuania
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Research of technical crops (potato and flax) genetic resources in Lithuania

A. Razukas¹, Z. Jankauskiene, J. Jundulas¹ and R. Asakaviciute¹*

¹ Voke Branch of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Zalioji a. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania.
² Upyte Research Station of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Linininku 3, Upyte, Panevezys distr., Lithuania.
* Corresponding author; e-mail: rita.asakaviciute@voke.lzi.lt


The research of potato accessions preserved in Lithuanian potato gene bank genetic diversity research was carried out at the Voke branch of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture in years 1990–2006. Research was provided with potato collection covering 200 varieties and hybrids from the main potato origin and growing regions and selection material bred in Lithuania. Potato varieties varied in accordance of morphologic, physiologic, immunologic and farming features in the different maturity groups and between groups. Using transgenic hybridization method and working with genetic material of local potato collection were selected potato varieties of Lithuanian origin. The key objective was to select the varieties immune to wart disease, cyst nematodes, with high resistance to other diseases, with excellent agronomic and cooking qualities, suitable for the processing industry. Over 1966–2006 years the collection of more than 350 flax breeding lines and varieties from different countries were investigated at the Upyte Research Station of the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture. Therefore it is desirable for the new flax varieties to be highly adaptable, stabile yielding and high fiber quality under different growing conditions. The collection serves as a base while selecting flax varieties for hybridization. There have been chosen the varieties and breeding lines having the complex of qualities and positive characters. The varieties and breeding lines with positive characters were involved into the program of fiber flax breeding.

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